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The TA001P Dream Chair is the creation of Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

Ando admired the sculptural minimalism inherent in all Hans J. Wegner’s work and strove to match it in his own designs. The upholstered back and seat add comfort and variety.



Walnut Oil + Leather(Sif 92)



Walnu Oil / Leather(Sif 92)



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W80 X D86 X H100 X SH38 (cm)







By Tadao Ando

Japanese architect Tadao Ando’s design philosophy unites Japanese design traditions with modern Western expression.

Ando is inspired by Le Corbusier with a style that is minimalistic and innovative, with a focus on functionality.

Ando has great respect for the work of Hans J. Wegner and has often used his furniture in his architecture projects.

Ando produced his Wegner-inspired Dream Chair in collaboration with Carl Hansen & Søn,

relying on century-long traditions of craftsmanship to achieve perfection.







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