Carl Hansen & Son / Signature Chair FH429










The FH429 Signature Chair captures the essence of designer Frits Henningsen’s work with its eye-catching simplicity and graceful curves. A fitting last statement from one of Denmark’s greatest furniture designers.



1) Walnut Oil + Leather(Thor 301)

2) Walnut Oil + Leather(Thor 307)


Walnut Oil / Leather(Thor 301) / Leather(Thor 307)




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W67 X D89 X H102 X SH41 (cm)










By Frits Henningsen

Renowned as an uncompromising designer, Frits Henningsen viewed quality craftsmanship

as essential, and unlike most cabinetmakers, always designed his own furniture pieces.


As a member of the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild, Henningsen became a major driver of the furniture exhibitions of the period, gaining recognition for his perfectionist style and vibrant personality. He gave new expression to traditional designs and drew inspiration from

the French Empire, rococo, and British 17th-century furniture.









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